Total render time. About 3000 hours! Yes you read right. About 7 Months if you take in account the time in between. Like when our wonderful non-electrical supplier decides not to supply us with power. (Some times 1-2days at a time! Also times when I needed to use my pc for other stuff.

I did this in Vue 6. Marbles where modelled in Zbrush. Yes I modeled the scratches and bumps in 3D. I made a displacement map of it and applied it to a low rez version in Vue. The original marble where about 500 000 polys and the one in Vue where about 10 000.

Set it to user mode and maxed all the settings I could find! Some minor Photoshop work, but I did not do any colour correction.

Here is a screen shot I took then the render was done! I think this is a record!

Below is the video of how I made this image:

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